Online stores

success stories

Leading fruit and vegetable delivery service
based in Vienna

We’ve created Vitabo during the pandemic period of 2020, so people can stay home and order fruits and vegetables online.

Our main goal was to build a high converting and intuitive online store, which can increase the sales of Vitabo. After analyzing customer behavior, we managed to implement simple and intuitive steps for purchasing Vitabo products.

Leading climbing producer and distributor located on the Austrian market

Holds and walls project evolved through two phases – corporate website and later on online store.

By understanding the client’s business needs and analyzing the competition, we managed to come with a high converting website and online store. We increased the revenue and the brand awareness, by using efficient digital marketing.

Merino wool sweater brand with low ecological footprint and sustainable production

We build a snowflakes website and online store, as well as digital marketing.

The project went through multiple phases of validation and improvement of the customer journey. Being flexible, creative, and using efficient digital marketing methods led us to the result – high converting online store.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

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John Doe
CEO, Acme Inc.