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Website & eCommerce

Structuring the content of the information you want your clients to see in the best possible way

Creating a minimalistic and user friendly website interaction.

Personal and commercial payment processing, taking into account countries tax laws

Creating automated templates for issuing Invoices to your clients

Providing user friendly plugins to expedite product upload

Integrating the ability to post your data with ease.

Providing guidance and training users which will be responsible for supporting your business

Creating a plan for advertising and marketing your services and goods via Social Medias (Instagram, Facebook). Search engine optimisation (Google Adds)

Transform your marketing tools using best practices to prepare you for a successful product/service launch (facebook, google…).

Data driven approach to selecting the level of involvement on different channels.

Providing you with the needed tools, so you can keep track of your website traffic and get valuable insights for your business.

Developing Tools(based on your business needs) to allow you to manage your business from a central platform: e.g. management systems for eCommerce…

Connecting your business to other platforms that are needed for running a successful business

Creating custom Application Program Interface (APIs) for system interoperability

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