About me

& my approach

I avoid scaling my web development business.
I rather keep it simple, efficient, and flexible.


An enthusiastic, hardworking, creative person with unusually good ideas.


Simply to present your idea, project or business in it’s best light, so you can enjoy finding new customers.


My 3 step casual process


Talk with intensive scoping

I am keen to understand your company’s mission. Tell me about your business needs.


Get s#!t done

This is the interesting part, where I work on the project. I will show you the project status from time to time, so you can enjoy the progress…



When everything is done, then is showtime. Here we will validate and analyze the project, so I can improve it if needed.

Why Choose Ме?

My experience has shown that ensuring a casual environment while performing a deep dive into the business direction and intensive scoping bring about the best result and ensures that I am on the same page with the business owner’s mission.

When working with a digital agency, the procedure is always a bit complex and the service is a bit more expensive. By working with me, you will enjoy high flexibility and a personal approach.

Before I start working with a potential client, first I have to be sure that I can add value and justify client expectations. Otherwise, I will just not take the task.

You can always check my previous clients and decide on your own if I would be a fit for your project.

Some Numbers

Keep the numbers small,
and the quality big.
Websites created
Online stores
Backend projects